Zion provides a diverse range of project-related services, particularly in the field of commercial projects. The services they offer encompass various stages of a project’s lifecycle, from initial design all the way through to the construction phase.

They handle everything from design to construction, with a focus on specific sectors such as medical practices, cafes/restaurants, retail spaces, office environments, and end-of-lease refurbishments. Their experience and specialisation make them well-equipped to meet the unique requirements of each industry they serve.



For clients in the food and beverage industry, Zion can assist in designing and building spaces that are ideal for cafes and restaurants. This could involve considerations like kitchen layout, customer seating, and ambiance.


Retail Fit Outs

Retail fit-outs involve designing and setting up the interior of retail stores. Zion can help create appealing and functional retail spaces that showcase products effectively and offer a pleasant shopping experience.


Office Spaces

The company also specializes in designing and constructing office spaces. This could include layouts that encourage collaboration, provide ergonomic workstations, and align with the company’s brand and culture.


End of Lease Make Goods

This service likely refers to restoring a commercial space to its original condition at the end of a lease. Zion can manage the process of making necessary repairs and modifications so that the space is in good condition for the next tenant.

Commercial Projects:

Project Services: Zion is involved in managing and executing commercial projects. They handle various aspects of the project, ensuring that it progresses smoothly and successfully from conception to completion.

Design and Construction: Zion is equipped to guide clients through both the design and construction phases of their projects. This means they are capable of assisting in conceptualising the project, creating plans, and then turning those plans into a tangible structure.

Specialisation: While they offer a broad range of project services, the company highlights their specialization in specific types of commercial projects.

Experience: The company emphasises their experience, suggesting that they have a history of working on a wide range of commercial projects. This experience could translate to a better understanding of industry-specific requirements, potential challenges, and effective solutions.