Project Consulting

Zion’s consulting services encompass a wide spectrum of critical project aspects, offering guidance and expertise to clients seeking successful project execution. 

From design and estimating to regulatory approvals and financial/legal interactions, their services cover the multifaceted landscape of construction, providing clients with the support they need to navigate challenges and achieve their project goals.


Consulting Services at Zion:

At Zion, the focus is on offering comprehensive consulting services aimed at helping clients effectively manage various aspects of their projects. These services are geared toward ensuring successful project execution while controlling costs and navigating the complexities of the construction process.


Assistance with Design:

Zion’s consulting services extend to providing guidance and support during the design phase of projects. This involves collaborating with clients to conceptualize and plan the layout, aesthetics, and functionality of the project. Their expertise likely aids in creating designs that align with the client’s vision, needs, and budget.



Accurate cost estimation is crucial for project planning. Zion’s consulting includes assisting clients in estimating costs associated with materials, labor, and other project-related expenses. This process helps clients set realistic budgets and avoid unexpected financial surprises during construction.


Applications for Approvals:

Navigating the regulatory landscape can be challenging. Zion’s consulting services cover the preparation and submission of applications for various approvals, such as Development Approvals (DA), Construction Certificates (CC), Complying Development Certificates (CDC), Operational Certificates (OC), and more. This ensures that projects comply with local regulations and obtain the necessary permissions to proceed.


Interaction with Banks and Lawyers:

Financial and legal aspects are integral to construction projects. Zion assists clients in liaising with financial institutions and legal professionals. This might involve securing project financing, discussing mortgage requirements, and addressing legal documentation to ensure a smooth and legally sound process.


Council and Certifier Interactions:

Engaging with local councils and certifiers is essential for project compliance. Zion’s consulting covers interactions with these entities, including addressing inquiries, submitting required documentation, and coordinating inspections. This helps facilitate the approval process and adherence to standards.


Project and Contract Management:

Effective project management is paramount for project success. Zion provides expertise in overseeing project timelines, budgets, and resource allocation. Additionally, their consulting extends to contract management, ensuring that agreements between stakeholders are well-defined and upheld.


Positive Covenants:

Positive covenants involve commitments to maintain or perform certain actions related to the property. Zion’s consulting likely assists clients in understanding and implementing positive covenants, ensuring that property upkeep and responsibilities are upheld over time.