Zion’s comprehensive experience to build granny flats, single-story homes, double-story homes, apartments and duplexes underscores their proficiency in an array of residential construction types.

Our capabilities encompass not only the technical aspects of construction but also the art of designing spaces that align with individual lifestyles, needs, and investment goals. This breadth of expertise positions them as a dependable partner for individuals seeking to translate their housing aspirations into reality.


Granny Flats

Granny flats offer versatile living spaces, often on the same property as the main house. Zion’s licensure for building signifies expertise in crafting self-contained areas. From cozy spaces for aging family to income-generating rentals, their proficiency includes space optimization, amenities, and regulations.


Single Story Homes

Single-story homes offer convenience with all living spaces on one level. Zion’s licensing showcases understanding of attractive design considerations. This encompasses layout efficiency, light, ventilation, and indoor-outdoor transitions. Expertise extends to comfort and functionality for various needs.


Double Story Homes

Double-story homes provide multi-level zones. Zion’s licensure suggests vertical space expertise. This includes staircase placement, structural integrity, and engaging interior designs. They optimize limited land while maintaining openness.



Duplexes accommodate separate units in one building. Zion’s licensing reflects balancing individuality and shared resources. They design private units with communal areas, considering insulation, entrances, and architectural harmony.

Residential Projects: